Effective, individualized massage therapy treatments in the comfort of your home

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We Provide In Home Massage for Recovery From

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The Day to Day

Our therapists massage out the aches from home + work activities + exercise.

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Pre- & Postnatal

Our therapists treat through trimesters 1-4, allowing for a more comfortable transition as you progress.

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Our therapists treat clients recovering from a variety of ailments.

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Neurological Condition Symptoms

Our therapists’ training allows us to safely treat people with neurological conditions.

Why Choose Us?

“That’s the spot, you’ve found it!,” is one of the most common exclamations we hear during our sessions. And that’s our job – we find the imbalances, the muscle fibers that are in spasm, the adhesions between layers of muscle and connective tissues – and we rebalance the affected areas to bring those tissues into recovery and leave you feeling better!

COVID Safety

Your massage therapist will arrive wearing a mask. We do not require clients to wear a mask. Our therapists are vaxxed and boosted.
We clean our tables + supplies with OXIVIR TB Disinfectant Wipes which kills viruses such as COVID-19, Norovirus, H1N1, Influenza A, and Hepatitis C in 1 minute.

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