Intro to Working with Chronic Neurodegenerative Conditions


Course Description:  

Students will gain confidence in working with people with chronic neurological conditions, specifically stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and ALS with information and techniques that can be applied to clients with other acquired brain injuries such as CP, TBI, & brain cancer.

Students will gather knowledge around the specifics of these conditions, positioning concerns including helping clients on and off the table, pressure and range of motion guidelines, modified techniques for working supine only, alternative communication methods, and documentation, as well as other considerations including your wellbeing as a therapist.


Learning Outcomes:

Students will

  • have a basic understanding of these conditions - stroke, PD, ALS
  • be able to assist clients on and off the table as well as with turning on the table
  • gather skills for communicating with clients with communication disorders
  • learn helpful massage techniques including how to work only supine

Course Outline:

Intro to Conditions



Parkinson’s Disease

Medical devices

Intake - including alternative communication methods

Treatment Space Considerations

Table Considerations

Helping Clients on and off table - Lab Practice

Technique - Lab Practice

Additional Considerations - caretakers and therapists


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  • 4h Duration

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